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The Bell Witch

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The Nashville Ballet - The Bell Witch
11 x 17 Show Poster
Advertisement & Direct Mail Postcard

The Opportunity: Nashville Ballet, the largest ballet company in Tennessee, approached LTC with a challenge – to use photography provided by the ballet in creating an eye-catching poster advertising a debut production of the, "The Bell Witch," which is based on a local legend that has become one of America's best-documented ghost stories.

The LTC Approach: As we researched the Nashville Ballet's retelling of the Bell Witch legend, we realized that the company was interpreting it as a story of unrequited love. We needed to change any potential audience perception that this was just a "spooky Halloween show" and use the photo illustration to capture the drama and romance of the actual ballet.

The Results: Our partnership with the Nashville Ballet produced a poster with a striking image of unrequited love, a woman standing alone in the wind, surrounded in red, gold and green. The tone is dramatic and foreboding, without relying on traditional "ghost story" imagery.

The ballet was widely promoted in the press as a "love story" rather than a ghost story.

Client: The Nashville Ballet
Release date:
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